Employment Law

Employment Litigation

Collins & Khan has attorneys who devote their practice to defending employers and management in employment-related lawsuits, this area of law is the fastest growing area of civil litigation. Our employment litigators have developed the expertise to assess risk and evaluate settlement early in litigation and arbitration.

Collins & Khan has repeatedly been successful in disposing of cases efficiently before trial through aggressive motion practice, and during trial to present cases in a manner persuasive to judges and juries.

Collins & Khan represents clients in investigations and enforcement actions conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division, and similar state agencies. Additionally, we defend wage and hour lawsuits in court, including class and collective actions. These lawsuits involve such issues as overtime, missed meal breaks, missed rest breaks, prevailing wages, and recordkeeping and payroll deductions.

Collins & Khan has also represented employment cases in state and federal courts, including cases involving discrimination, harassment and retaliation allegations, and employee privacy issues.

Employment Compliance Counseling

Collins & Khan collaborate with clients to find secure ways that substantially minimize the risk of employment litigation, wage claims, and other employment-related claims. Our attorneys help our clients face these challenges while also protecting our clients’ proprietary interests and confidential information. We focus on anticipating and preventing problems before they arise and guide clients through an increasingly complex number of laws and regulations governing the workplace.

Education and information are valuable components of our counsel. We provide a multi-faceted approach to keep our clients fully informed of changes in employment matters, and making sure they implement procedures to be in compliance.

We work in concerted effort with our clients in preparing customized personnel documents, including employee handbooks, applications, agreements on confidentiality, assignment of rights and non-solicitation, executive contractors, and severance and release agreements. The range of counsel we provide is comprehensive, from wage and hour compliance to discipline and termination in the workplace.

We represent employers in all industries and sizes and understand that providing guidance on compliance with complex wage and hour laws and confidentiality protection are critical.