There are several reasons you should have a well written agreement, signed by both parties, before you start a new business. But what about before you sign the agreement? Most owners of a new business encounter problems only when they come up for the first time. However, a better prepared client has already anticipated and made decisions about such problems before they ever come up, if he has conducted due diligence and worked with his attorney.

The process of negotiating and drafting a written agreement can only begin after the attorney and client have discussed possible pitfalls and outcomes and weighed the options in advance, so that the proper provisions can be negotiated with the other party. This “advance preparation” prepares both parties to consider all of their options, many of which they would have never considered.

Collins & Khan’s attorneys are skilled at evaluating and writing contract provisions concerning just about every area of business, to ensure that the written agreement you receive truly has the ability to serve your business purposes – whether the deal ever comes to fruition or not.

In case the business deal turns sour, we will have included provisions to protect you in the event of a significant disagreement with your partner or if you later wish to dissolve the business. These contracts will also cover the transition of business ownership in the event of the disability or death of one of the owners.

Long ago, “a person’s word was their bond.” But today, with proper advance due diligence, you will be better positioned to protect your interests if the other party decides not to fulfill his contractual obligations.

While there are no guarantees in life, a well-prepared written contract is the best way to ensure your rights are protected. We can help you navigate the sometimes difficult waters of pre-screening potential contractual partners, and then writing the agreement so that it works for you if all goes well, or protects you if it doesn’t.

Remember, the best time to call an attorney is at the beginning – and long before you are in trouble.