Collins & Khan bankruptcy attorneys shape business solutions specific to each client’s concerns. Our counsel ranges from early stage evaluations, transactional advice and pre-petition planning to out-of-court reorganizations, chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganizations and asset sales. Our broad client base and years of experience litigating in the bankruptcy courts of Southern California make us uniquely suited to efficiently advise clients on bankruptcy-related issues. We represent the many parties involved in reorganization and liquidation bankruptcies, such as

  • Debtors and Creditors
  • Equity Holders
  • Individuals & Guarantors
  • Creditors’ Committees
  • Landlords
  • Secured Creditors
  • Purchasers and Sellers of Distressed Assets
  • Indenture Trustees

On the Debtor side, our practice emphasis is in representing Southern California middle-market companies and transitioning failed businesses into operating enterprises. We work to preserve value for clients and help them achieve their operational goals

We assist company principals whose businesses are in distress in protecting their individual interests, including protecting their equity interests in their businesses, responding to and defending against director and officer claims, and providing advice if claims are made or threatened against them as guarantors.

We assist our creditor clients in drafting loan agreements, protecting their rights in collateral, including perfection of security interests and addressing complicated inter-creditor issues such as subordination and marshaling of assets. We also represent creditors seeking to recover their assets whether by way of writ of attachment proceedings, relief from stay, contested plans or other bankruptcy litigation.

When customizing the right solution, Collins & Khan explores practical and unconventional approaches. In some cases, a Chapter 11 is not always the best option. We may advise working with other professionals, such as accountants and turnaround specialists, to evaluate and implement alternatives short of bankruptcy, including assignments for the benefit of creditors, renegotiation of loans and covenants, and other methods to improve operations.